Swimming pool depth markers (numbered tiles) are a safety feature that are normally required in commercial, public, and semi-public pools. In addition, homes being rented on popular sites such as VRBO and Airbnb are often required to install them. We offer both Porcelain (permanent install) and Vinyl (temporary) markers in a complete range of standard and metric, smooth and abrasive. Porcelain markers are screen printed with ceramic glazes and then kiln -fired, assuring that they will never peel or fade and will look just like new many years down the road. Vinyl markers are printed onto a 3M Outdoor adhesive vinyl using a UV cure ink that resists fading. 

Smooth or Abrasive?

Smooth markers are used in the waterline. Abrasive, also known as anti-skid or deck markers are used on the pool deck. These have a coating of silica sand fired over the print to add a safe surface for wet feet.

4 or 5 inch Font?

Font size for commercial pools is determined by local building and health codes. Much of the USA uses 5 inch font. Codes normally specify a minimum size requirement, although some jurisdictions, most notably in Florida and Texas, specify 4 inch

Metric Markers

Some jurisdictions require Metric markers in addition to standard. Click here for a conversion chart.

We have over 40,000 markers in stock and ready to ship. We also offer custom colors and sizes. If you don't see what you are need in our store, please give us a call.

Warning and Message Tiles:
We have many message tiles available. Single 6" x 6" tiles as well as multi-tile messages. Smooth tiles for the waterline as well as abrasive, non-skid deck tiles. Custom messages are also available.